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    Here at last is an official site for the Dumas Effect

    " In space, there is a form of free infinite energy that will enable mankind to harmonise his energy techniques with the great wheels of nature.
    It is only a question of time before we discover it. "
    Nicolas TESLA (1856-1943)
    Nicolas Tesla Effet Dumas
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    Effet Dumas

    A short reminder to introduce the subject

    In 1948, by means of the quantum field theory and in complete violation of the laws of thermodynamics, the physicist Henrik Casimir predicted the existence of an infinite reservoir of energy in space. In 1958 the first experimental evidence of this was provided. In 1997, first Sparnay then Lamoreaux carried out experiments that scientifically validated the Casimir effect.
    Énergie libre Effet Dumas
    Hendrik Casimir Effet Dumas
    For several years Jean-Christophe Dumas, an independent researcher from the Ardeche who was passionately enthusiastic about free energy and defines himself as a “handyman in a shed”, has been exploring water resonance. He discovered a process that spontaneously generates steam containing special characteristics, the Dumas effect resonator, and he went public with it on 7 April 2014 on the web during a meeting attended by 200 people. This Dumas effect has since been the subject of several studies by independent laboratories, that reveal a number of peculiarities, or physical, electrochemical and thermodynamic anomalies outlined on this site. The various conclusions arrived at in these reports are edifying. Just like the Casimir Effect, the Dumas Effect generates an energy output above 1. For the first time, might it be possible that a simple process that is easy to build with little cost could give everyone a simple and easy access to free energy?
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    Conférence Effet Dumas Ardèche
    JC Dumas Conférence ardèche

    Why create this site?

    In 2014, Jean-Christophe’s revelation received much support. A group was set up in the form of an association, a page on Facebook was opened, free workshops were organised to show people how to build their own resonators, applications were explored (heating, purifying water), contacts were established with private partners who could explore industrial outlets, scientific research was carried out to understand the phenomenon: electrically generated cavitation, maser effect in water? A variation of the Casimir effect? Something else? Parallel to the FB page, we created the first site dedicated to the Dumas effect. Though we had succeeded in protecting the FB page from numerous attacks by trolls, we were unable to protect the first site from hackers.
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    Atelier Effet Dumas Ardèche
    JC Dumas Conférence ardèche

    So today, we are creating a new site to reach beyond the FB network, which seems to put a limit on our capacity to communicate, in spite of our 15 000 followers. This site is also in English in order to seek contacts outside France.

    It is our aim to reach out to all the social networks and all men and women of good faith here and elsewhere, so that they can determine for themselves what help can be given to spreading the truth about the Dumas effect. Since publishing the test in Nice in April 2014, the Dumas effect team has formed a group for alternative energy (Collectif pour une Alternative Energétique, [CAE]), and has regularly published its findings on Facebook. In what appears to be a long road in the battle to see scientific truth prevail, luck, or destiny, has often been kind to us. Each time we have made the most of the information available, and we have brought to light numerous exotic phenomena. In the report we are putting on line on this site, we run through our advances and give you the conclusions we have come to.

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    Conférence Effet Dumas
    CERNTEA Effet Dumas

    Let the light of truth be known

    Le lecteur sera surpris que nous n'ayons pas plus de certitude, au bout de plus 3 ans de travail.
    Nous rappelons que nous effectuons nos recherches sur notre temps libre et souvent sur nos fonds personnels. Le lecteur, et la lectrice plus encore, savent à quel point le quotidien de Monsieur et Madame Tout-le-Monde est peu propice au dévouement. La piste que nous suivons n'est pas assez sure pour établir de nouveaux paradigmes scientifiques. Alors, oui, nous le confessons, nous ne saurions formaliser les phénomènes que nous constatons en un corpus théorique intégré et stable.

    Expérience Effet Dumas

    The reader will be surprised to learn that we are no more certain of our information than we were three years ago. It must be remembered that we carry out our research in our free time and often with our own funding. The readers of both sexes know how much the daily life of Mr and Mrs (Wo)man-in-the-street is hardly conducive to dedication. The path we follow is not sure enough to establish scientific paradigms. So therefore, we confess that we are unable to formalise the phenomena that we can see in a complete stable theoretical work. We, and any other group led by Jean-Christophe, have nevertheless had meetings and obtained cooperation with known organisms, like the Atomic Energy Commission, the Paris-Sud university (UPS-XI, Orsay campus), and we have kept all the relating documents. We and our partners have been able to defend the scientific interest of the Dumas ball, emphasising the many anomalies that have been discovered during our work. However, whether it be by cooperation or by meetings for discussions, the initiation of these contacts by different channels seemed promising, and the beginnings of a protocol at the end of the sessions of work were proof of enthusiasm. However, curiously, each time these collaborations or discussions ended a few days or weeks later not only by a categorical refusal to go any further, but also the establishment of protocols that were not even adapted to our specifications. It should be noted that some of these well-known, recommended laboratories admitted later to having used protocols that were not adapted. We have kept records of all this.

    So, really, is it possible that our work is unsettling for some? We leave it up to you to judge.

    “Truth they say is but too often in difficulties but is never finally suppressed” Titus-Livius (Livy)

    For the Collectif pour une Alternative Energétique

    Pierre Antoine Courouble.

    Formule mathématique Effet Dumas
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