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    We are a non-profit association that was created in support of the whistleblower Jean-Christophe Dumas, who, in open source on 7 April 2014, revealed his resonator which enables instantaneous vaporisation of water giving a very high energy output. We are not selling anything and we don’t want and have never asked for any money. We are not asking people for an act of faith in the resonator, since the Dumas Effect is something real that can be observed, measured and reproduced at will. A special electro-physical effect that is not the Joule effect nor ordinary water electrolysis, and whose applications, whether small scale, industrial or commercial, are considerable. If you want to support our action, you can join the group (see the application form below), or even better, help us to establish contacts with partners who could help us to better explore the scientific aspects of the phenomenon and its potential applications for the good of humankind.

    To contact us or to join us: Collectif pour une alternative Energétique, Place de la Recluse, 07260 Joyeuse, France
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